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Classic Cat's Eyes


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Anyone have any good examples of the classics?

Need a thread to link to when people ask which cat's eyes have more value than others. :)

For one we need a comparison of Asian cross-through cat's eyes and the common Asian variety.

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I have some good examples but won't be able to do photos until this weekend. Vitro Hybrids and St. Mary's, uncommon colors, Peltier Bananas with aventurine, etc have the most value and can post some photos of those unless someone else posts pics in the meantime. But Cats aren't worth that much anyways. I've seen some nice Vitro Hybrids Shooters generally range from 2-10 dollars but have seen some go for more than that. I don't have many Asian ones since I don't add them in my collection but do have a few vintage Asian cats from approx 1950's.

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I'll start with Japanese style cat's-eyes - the 6 vane types.

The common one has 6 vanes with 3 pairs of the same color. For example,in the picture of two marbles below, the vanes in the top one are 2 red on the left, 2 green on the top and 2 yellow on the lower right. The lower marbles has 2 white vanes on the upper right, 2 green on the bottom and 2 red on the left.

The other pic with a bunch of marbles shows a Japanese 6 vane style but these are called "3 way cross-throughs" as the vanes are not in pairs but "crossthrough" the marble, at the center, so it looks like the vanes are alternating - like red, blue, white, red, blue white. These 3 way cross throughs are harder to find, especially ones without white vanes.

The other cross-through type that is more common than the 3-way but still harder to find then the common ones are the "white cross-throughs". In these, only the two white vanes are opposite each other (cross through). The other two pairs of different colors are still next to each other one either side of the white corss through. In the pic, there are 2 dark blue vanes on the bottom, 2 light blue on the top and the white crosses through in ihe middle.




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This are old pic-.

The first 2 are yellow cross through and white cross.

The one bottom left is a 7/8 Japanese 6 vane cross through,right another 5/8 cross through.


4 color 4 vanes,i think Asian,it's the only one i have.


This are 9 odd cat's.


multi vane cat's eye


and aventurine is a sort of pre.


Here are some not so common cat's


I had the idea that cat's have no monetary value?? anyway i like to take pictures of them.

Steph i've a lot more of cat's pic- but don't know what you are looking for.

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Awesome start, guys.

Seems that four-vane four-color Asian one ought to have some value. The four-vane four-color American ones do. Why wouldn't the Asian ones?!

But I've seen so few of them, and I don't know if I've ever seen one for sale.

Maybe they're "too rare to value".

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Some collectible American Cat's Eyes.

Marble King St. Marys


The big red and yellow one has red on all vanes, trimmed in yellow. I don't think that's how it was supposed to be. But I'll gladly keep it as a placeholder until I find one with better separation of the colors.

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