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Akro Slogan Contest?


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I have a 1931 list of prizewinners for the Akro Slogan Contest -- the names of the boys and girls, not the actual winning slogans.

I don't remember seeing anything showing the terms of the contest. Anyone know about that?

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Would someone please pass the magnifying glass?



Akro Agate Prize Contest

Prizes will be awarded for the 10 best slogans expressing the quality and beauty of Akro Agates---why boys and girls prefer them, etc.

Contest was announced at least by November 1930.

Slogans must be 10 words or less to be considered. Hurry. Contest closes on May 1, 1931. Neatness counts.

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Wow. Thanks. You got some good detail on that!

Was looking for some images, stumbled a cross this post

Steph. Press in the CTRL and mouse wheel up. It will increase the page size, mouse wheel down to decrease.

If you want to you can mouse wheel up then take a screen shot and save it,then mouse wheel it back to normal and the saved image will be in the larger font size

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