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Free Lunch With Photo Software!


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That title doesn't look quite right now.

Please don't sue me if a ham sandwich doesn't show up.

I'm just saying that this appears to be a no-hassle deal

for any of you photo-people who like checking things out.

I haven't tried it yet, but I did download it (280MB!) and

the ZoneAlarm seems to think it's okay, so I'll probably

install it and give it a try. Nothing required but an e-mail

address so they can send you an activation code.

Sounds like it's a full non-restricted program, but is last

year's model and they're hoping you'll want to continue.

(I wish Photostuff would do this!) :rolleyes:


If you don't like using other people's links, you can just go to stevehuffphoto.com manually.

I have no connection with it, but enjoy the site and maybe you'll like it too.

http://petapixel.com/ is another good one imho, and even 'broader' photography-wise.

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I still haven't tried it.

And I'm feeling a little bad about even mentioning something I

haven't tried myself. But it seemed like a limited-time-offer sort

of thing from respected people. And in case it was a serious

'bargain of the century', I wanted to mention it before it went away. ( :

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