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Clever Costumes?


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The costume is great, based on the name.

But if there's anything to it which requires knowing the book,

then I have to admit I'm clueless. I should probably look it up

and at least get the Cliff's Notes description, since I've been

hearing references to it in sit-coms for years. But I'm a little

scared, since I'm not aware of any women encouraging guys

to read it. This makes me think that they pretty much want

to keep it to themselves, so that's probably how it should be.

Why they don't want to keep Michael Bolton and Celine Dion

to themselves is beyond me. ;)

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Thank you both for being so gracious about my potentially sexist commentary.

As Jackie would say, "You're the greatest"!

The dog looks awesome in anything and should probably be disqualified from

any costume contests to give other critters a chance. :P

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