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Cobalt Blue Bullet Mold Marble


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well just wondering if any others out there and what it could have been made for , there is a very small area where it was used ? any info or guesses

Is it Czechoslovakian or German or made in the US . it is about 13/16 and not exactley round . Mike






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Hi guys i dont think that one was a bottle stopper

I collect English and Australian made marble stoppered bottles the marbles used for stoppers are 3/4 in both the 13oz and 7oz " Codds Patent bottles " and are perfectly round apart from the small ground down section where the glass was injected in to the mould

Also cobalt marbles were used in some Codds but were much darker blue than the one shown here

Ive also never seen one with air bubbles in it

Cheers Craig :)

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