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Getting Old Once Again


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First off, I was thrilled to see a great-sounding 60's

movie I hadn't seen before in the television guide.

And of course it wound up having one of those terrific intros

with nice music and very colorful animated graphics which always

let you know the movie'll be good. We're talking Day/Hudson

here, along with the likes of Tony Randall and Paul Lynde.

The latter is seen below, after selling a cemetery plot to Rock.

Second, I know what those things are Paul is referring to!

And even worse, I remember Allan Sherman singing about them!

♪ First I pick them....

I pick them then I lick.. them...

I lick them then I stick.. them...

In my brown Green Stamp book! ♪


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We did them in the Akron area then a year in Alabama Then for a few more years after moving to CA. Dad or Mom just picked somewhere within an hour or 2 drive that we had never been to, we loaded sis and myself and any friends that could go and headed off. They were almost always fun.

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