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Growing Up


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'Growing up' isn't just managing to stay alive from childhood to your twenties.

(Although for many of us that's a pretty impressive accomplishment.)

It's getting to the (possibly advanced) age when you're capable of completely discarding

90% of what you've always held to be true, because it's suddenly so clearly wrong. :confused-smileys-327:

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One of my favorite things to finally 'not care' about is 'what people think'.

At least as far as worrying about embarrassing myself. I can't even begin

to count all the times I've wanted to do different things but held myself

back for fear of making a fool of myself. What a waste.

And the really silly thing is that most times people respect you for not

being afraid to do something 'different'!

I'm remembering the time I brought a 'Muddy' to a construction site where

I was working. Figured there was no finer mud anywhere to use as a

background for what would hopefully be a great marble photo. Sure, I

attracted a little attention kneeling in the dirt and carefully positioning my

Pelt. But all the guys who called me "Mud-Man" after that always did so

in a fraternal 'high-five' kind of way. Like they appreciated my showing

them that they weren't the only ones going insane from the daily grind. :blink:

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