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A Random Not Too Serious Rant


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So I needed something to get myself worked-up about for the holidays.

So why not a Greater Doxology grievance?

In excelsis deo. How should it be pronounced?

Personally, I'm an "In ex-kell-sis day-oh" person.

That's how Latin is pronounced to my knowledge.

(I'm going to skip the in and deo from now on.)

But the more I thought about it, the more I decided that, once again, I

have no more idea of what's right or wrong than anyone else.

And that language is pronounced differently in different situations.

Still don't like the "eggshell-cease" pronunciation, and my one exception

(egg-sheption?) to maybe being open to all the variations one hears is

"ex-sell-see-us" with its extra syllable. That's just dead wrong.

But as much as I sometimes get old and crotchety about language

changes, they do and always have happened. Which lead me to realize that

Latin was around for a while. So at this point there are really no 'givens'.

And there's also 'Church Language', which is kind of different from normal talk.

So there's a distinction between formal and casual pronunciation.

Which I have to assume was just as true way back when.

And there's always some 'poetic license' when it comes to songs, wherever they're sung.

So that's another thing, which leads to the conclusion that -

There's no answer to this question.

I'm getting to where I think there's no 'answer' to any question.

But at least this may help explain why I sound half out of my mind much of the time!

(And I'm kind of hurt by those of you who just said "Half?") :)

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I don't have a lot of personal experience with this, but another tidbit

I thought of later relating to some of this pronunciation stuff is 'amen'.

I'm thinking in most formal church situations the 'ah' sound is used,

but in your 'livelier' congregations and almost everyone's day to day

talk, it's the 'ay' sound.

I'm convinced however things are done in the 'house' you're in

is the right way! ( :

And it really doesn't matter if I'm wrong I'm right

Where I belong I'm right
Where I belong. ♪

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