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Hey, Mark!

I've always liked your auctions.

The fact that you worry about them is probably a big part of why they're good.

So if you really want to pick nits, the only thing I can think of is that the focus

could be adjusted a little in the close-ups of single marbles.

(It's not bad, but it sounds like you 'strive for perfection'!)

If you look at the 'weave' of your background material, you can see that the

perfect focus is just a little bit behind the marble.

Since the center of the marble is technically the closest thing to your camera,

what you want to see is a section of the weave in perfect focus just in front

of the marble. This will look like it's below the marble in the photo.

The first thing to try in this situation is to back-up from the marble a little bit.

You'll have to crop the photo a little more, but it'll be worth it.

There are other approaches too, but I don't want to bore you and everyone

else unless you particularly want to hear them. Close-ups put you in a very

strange world. The only rule is that there are no rules! :lol:

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It says Wet Mint (-) (9.2)

What is wrong with that??

It means a wet appearance in mint (-) condition.

The description reads: Wet Mint (-) Condition with a couple fleas and some pocket wear. (9.2)

Don't worry Its all good... I have a thick skin & I asked for input!


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She is right

Wet and any damage is a contradiction to me.

I think the grading scales are crap to be honest. They cover such a large number of defects while allowing liberal grading that benefits the seller.

I think there should be "written in stone" criteria for each grade...not a sliding "Here is what I see" scale. no slight to Bob and other's whom use it.

I use M,NM+.NM,NM- and "Damaged" as a grade.

I think the fact wear is taken into consideration o SOME extent and ignored in other is off. Scratches negate wet mint as I see the grade. Having wet mint cover 3 grade points make no sense.

I think there should be a different grading title for 9.9/10 but I hink that aside from contemporary, the odds of finding those grades near non-existence since there would need to be zoom images taken to ensure there is not a single tick,scratch,rub etc

I think the marble looks pretty nice(I think it is a NM+ by how i grade marbles with the missing spot in image 4) and I also think most of your listings look sharp....i just decided to derail and rant about the poor grading scales we all use :)

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Have to assume that Gnome Punter is referring to the 'respected' Bob and not me.

Almost not worth mentioning, but since I've already appeared in this forum and

the Bob who really knows marbles hasn't, I just wanted to say it.

I like the 'written in stone' concept.

It wouldn't prevent people from pushing it to the limit, and probably beyond,

but at least there would be a basis from which arguments could be more efficient.

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Marble Grading is so subjective.

It is seems impossible to get two marble collectors to agree to anything! (Myself included) :P

Grading Guidelines written by Committee would be & is a nightmare....

We seem to be stuck with Marble Al's "creative marketing" grading system.

I guess all I can do is "do my best" and offer "Hassel Free Returns".

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