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Just Sharing A Little Marble Mail


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I received this James Alloway in the mail today. A gift from a friend. 2.5 inches. Never been an avid collector of contemps although I have a small collection. This marble goes right to the top and I will surely have more of James's marbles at some point, they are fantastic.



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OMG! (And I don't use teenage terminology lightly!)

I recently said that a marble posted here was the greatest

marble I've ever seen. I stand corrected.

This one is just too much.

I'm having massive flash-backs now of all the great art I saw

as a young boy in the late 60's and early 70's.

And just look closely at the second picture!

This marble is so in-tune with 'cosmic forces' that it actually

made the reflections of the lights appear to have 'have a

nice day' smiley faces in them!

(That may be a coincidence, but seriously, the marble is blowing my mind.) :)

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I agree, Step....unreal!

Bob, thank you. I am glad you enjoy it. It will certainly hold high honors within my contemps! James has some pretty wild and fun not to mention beautiful to view marbles no doubt. This particular one is a {prototype} if you will, of a style he named the Raelynbo. Normally he finishes the pontil completely smooth although in this case I assume because it was for study and not for sale he did not finish it, although he did sign it. Kind of makes it just a little more special to me.

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