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yeah there won't be listing happening that for sure. It's only in Tacoma Al. we usually take a few days off for this event.. and then super bowl sunday! will be a tired wreck by monday.LOL!

wish you could head down to hunt with us too paul. it's a blast!

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yes we did! :-) hours in the cold, and the rain, walking miles.. day after day!

it's not an easy treasure hunt, but so thrilling when you find one! makes one an instant adrenaline junkie. already can't wait for next year!

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lol, sorry I didn't update Steph.. we were all so dog tired, it took a couple days to get back to normal. still can't drive some places without looking. Amy found one that had been hidden for 2 years! I know we passed out hundreds of marbles. :-) made a lot of kids and adults happy to find some glass!

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