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Thoughts On 'the Test Forum'


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I'd like to start with the disclaimer that I don't feel particularly strongly about this.

But I thought I'd post some thoughts while they're fresh in my not so fresh mind.

Noticed today that a 'test' post was displayed in the 'Recent Topics' area at

the upper right of the opening screen. That didn't seem right somehow.

I've recently come to appreciate that prominent little piece of real estate, since

it's lead me to some interesting posts that I might have otherwise missed.

But I sort of think the test forum should stay way down there at the bottom of

the list, where it's hardly noticed.

And its posts should stay there too, and be 'deleted often'.

I'm grateful to have a test area, and have used it more than once.

It's a nice way to make sure that your post will work the way you want

it to on this particular board.

But I don't want any attention called to my 'experiments', or to have a message

'broadcast' before I'm ready to post it in its proper place.

What would really be great would be to have a 'nuclear delete' button for that

one forum, so a person could do his test and then wipe it off the face of the earth! ^_^

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