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Marble Mail Takes Many Forms


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Marble mail is wonderful. A couple of weeks ago Joe McDonough sent me a Peltier Honey-Amber Banana. (Very nice.) Edna has kept me supplied with samples of all the marbles she's had a part in making. I wish I could thank everyone again who has ever sent me a marble.

But today on my porch there was a different kind of surprise.

Hundreds of pictures of Les Jones' marbles -- from his sale stock and his collection. Hard copy pictures -- like on Kodak paper. How cool is that? Sorting fun for Stephanie.

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I got it to work. But still not sure quite how. One day I'll figure it out enough to be sure I can do it again!

Semi-random selection:

Roll 16, pictures 15 and 16 (Early Vitros)


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Those are cool. Anything you can get to work will be appreciated.

The only scanner I've ever owned is now in a box on a shelf.

Been there for some time. It left me thoroughly confused. ( :

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Well, I was able to mostly go through the steps on purpose this time. But it spontaneously did one thing different from the last time through -- something I've wanted to do before but couldn't figure out how to. I'll have to keep practicing. :D

Roll 17 pictures 12 & 13

Okay, so apparently I have a thing for Vitro. ... but Vitro boxes aren't seen often



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I'm curious about that purple, blue and white one -- toward the right side about halfway down.

And then up in the top right one which looks like it might have an additional color besides white and orange.

Seems these would predate Tiger Eyes so would the ones with extra color be "fancy conquerors"? Or maybe a newer marble slipped into the box?

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