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Lunt Ave.marble Club Restaurant Matchbook-Cute!

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From a Dinner menu I have:

"The Lunt Avenue Marble Club was first organized in Chicago by a group of carefree four year-olds as an excuse to get together and have fun. A quarter of a century later, a few of the original members have created another meeting place, hopefully with the same carefreeness of those days gone by.

Years have been spent searching high and low, hither and yon (especially yon) for the vast array of antiques and other keen stuff you see adorning our humble hang-out. The stained glass alone is enough to legally qualify the Marble Club as a church in fourteen states. Yes, we wanted to make it the kind of place that you could bring your grandfather to and he would say "where am I?"

Our world renowned Menu is sure to make you lick your chops!(and they'll have to be your chops, because we don't serve any.)

But if you are thirsty instead of hungry, you're still in the right place. Ask for our pucker Partner Drink List. Folks who cab still speak after one of our drinks will tell you of the amazing therapeutic value of the magical Marble Club elixir.

The Lunt Avenue Marble Club hopes our great food, unusual atmosphere and reasonable prices will make it the kind of place you would like to spend an eternity in, if you didn't have so many other things to do."

The menu mentions three locations: Phoenix, Tempe, and Tucson. The cover has the same picture as the flower pot and match book.

I have two different flower pots, a match book, shot glasses and a small canvas bag with 13 marbles. All have the logo with the boys playing marbles. A fun side collectable.

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