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What Kind Of Marble Is This???????????

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This week-end I found a very unusual marble at a collectors fair, it was part of an original antique bag of marbles with several handmade glass marbles as well as very early German machine mades (the striped transparant marbles).

I've seen a lot of different marbles the past 20 years, but never this type! The size is 1-1/16" and it has a greenish base (a very wild pattern of twists in many different shades of green, a little like the early single gather or 'Leighton marbles') and on the surface it has dozens of white clouds. It does not have a pontil (maybe it has, but it has been ground down so perfectly it can't be seen anymore....).

Here's the first 4 pics:





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I just got an e-mail from a Dutch collector friend who has a similar marble! He also had never seen one before, so up to now 2 are known...does any of you has seen a marble like this before? or has any info? He thinks it is a very early glass marble.

here are 2 pics of my friend's marble:



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Nice marble,indeed a bit strange,does it have a cut off or a seam,and that other marble from Cees is there a cut off or seam?

I was this weekend also in Utrecht but missed it LOL. I bought some transitionals,but in general there are few marbles for sale there.

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