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Don't Support American Express


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So, a friend gave me a $50 American Express gift card - cool beans! (I thought)

I kept it for a few months and today decided to use it. Was I surprised that the teller said it had only $12 on it for me to use!!!

American Express STOLE $38 dollars in fees since I didn't use it the day i got it!

Calling customer service was a waste of time too.

The company won't reimburse the $38 either.

I will NEVER support American Express again AND YOU SHOULDN'T EITHER!!!

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is that the whole story Rich, I have a feeling we are not getting all the facts.

Are there any fees for the use of the Card after purchase?

The Card has NO FEES AFTER PURCHASE (including dormancy, service or other fees).

Do the funds on the Card expire?

No, the funds on the Card do not expire.

If the funds do not expire, what is the "valid thru" date associated with the Card?

The "valid thru" date on the front of the Gift Card or associated with the eGift Card is the date through which your physical plastic Gift Card or eGift Card card number may be used. This date is required to process transactions at merchants that request an expiration date. Even if the "valid thru" date associated with a Card has passed, its Available Balance remains unchanged and intact. In order to keep making purchases with your Available Balance after a Card's "valid thru" date has passed, please call 1-877-297-4438 for a free replacement

I buy gift cards quite often including American Express. Never had a problem with any of them

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Galen, I got the card, tried to spend the $50 but the card only allowed $12. It was a GIFT card I got and American Express STOLE $38 from me!!! There was no "valed through" on the card either. The funds didn't expire - they were stolen by the company with monthly fees!!! You go ahead and support these thieves Galen, many others won't and that's all I seek!!!

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Guess someone should have paid attention when purchasing the card. I would never get a card that had monthly fees. None I have purchased ever did. Not one American Express Gift Card I could find last night had monthly fees. As I said earlier something seems out of whack. Maybe a real old card?? I know many cards had fees when they first started becoming popular, not just American Express.

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I wonder if the person that presented it to you had it laying around for a long time before you received it.?? And if there were fees on that card they were definitely spelled out clearly at the time of purchase. Guess someone didn't read the paperwork. Can't blame that on American Express now can we! Can you tell I like American Express, they have always seemed more up front and clearer on their policies than any of the other major financial institutions IMO

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