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Shooter Size.....riddle Me This:

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What idiot decided childrens sets should have a 1" shooter? That anger comes from the child in me who either a: would have to shoot with a mib, b: use one of my proper size from the antique store or one I dug up risking damage, or c: forego all accuracy and use a jumbo.

In fourth and third grade we would play after school. there was this one kid who was big in his own right but also stayed a year back. He would argue that he could use the one inch even though the rest of us used the smaller ones. Luckily majority rule usually took place but every once in a while I'd have to put him in his place, my mib versus his jumbo.

I beat a guy with a peewee once, showing off, barely won, it was for keeps, and boy was I nervous.

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I doubt the people who made them envisioned them for regular shooting.

Marble King bags sometimes had "shooters" which were barely bigger than regular size. The packaging would say there was a shooter in every bag but you'd have to look hard to find the one which was slightly larger than the rest.

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<1/2" tiny or peewees

1/2-11/16" mibs or targets

11/16-7/8" taws or shooters

7/8-1 1/4" jumbo or big

>1 1/4" boulders or toe breakers

Any kid or even adult big enough to shoot a 1" marble would most likely choose kickball as a preferred recess pasttime. Like I said, only one kid I knew could do it and even then his accuracy wasn't what it could have been. I don't generally use the term taw. With my son I do but only as a distinction between his shootermarble and the marble shooter.

I call the target marbles mibs because they are more than just targets. I do feel awkward though. Where I live there isn't much competition in the category of marble collecting, my use of such terms has been limited. It feels awkward calling it a taw, like I am a phony trying to play a part. Every once in a while I will find someone interested in marbles, inevitably for the money. They think every old marble, rough or not, is worth like 3$ minimum.

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