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Youtube Recommended This To Me


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I don't know why. But YouTube musta thought I would like it. I can think of at least one person here who is likely to so here ya go!

They also recommended some neat marble videos which I may post later. :D

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Lloyd, I have a funny feeling you haven't gotten 'stuck' very often in the Power Wagon.

So I don't think you'd notice a lot of difference with these new ones.

But they would be fun to try!

Sometimes I wonder about these kids I see in the city who decide that the way to jazz

up their 30 year old Lincoln is to install huge rims and tires with almost no sidewall at all.

The original large sidewall had a lot to do with the 'luxury' ride of the car.

And, as seen in your photo, the large sidewall is also necessary for vehicles that need

its 'flex' to get through rough terrain. Low-profile tires are for race cars on a track.

So these kids have paid many times what the car is worth for wheels that are going to make

their car ride like a roller coaster and beat the holy heck out of their 30 year old suspension.

Oh well. I was young and stupid once. Now I'm just old and differently stupid. ( :

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It is a standing joke in my area, A 1,000 dollar car with 3,000 dollars in Tires and rims. It seems some of the older GM cars accept the largest rims with the fewest modifications. And I get a big laugh out of the number decals in the rear passenger window bragging how large the rims are. The Jag has tires with minimal side walls, so the smooth ride is the result of some kind of active suspension system that involve airbags, actuators and bunches of other stuff (thats as technical as I get (LOL) the book calls it Computer Active Technology Suspension. Lloyds beast reminds me of some of my most exciting off road adventures, done in a old Power Wagon.

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