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Another Bird Buddy Post


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The other evening my bird buddy let me get reasonably close.

I was sad to see that he looked a little older than I thought he was.

And maybe right here a little bit sad. And confused by that.

I think we may be better friends than either of us know. ( :


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I have no idea how I have an image of a flying Pterodactyl

in my mind, but I see what you mean!

Looked it up somewhere which said the Great Blue life

expectancy is about fifteen years. I've been seeing this

guy for twelve, and when I first moved here I was

informed that a Great Blue lived here, so am assuming

that he'd already been around a while. He's getting up there.

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Ha! I don't think I've ever really pictured him in an urban environment.

I wonder if it would be a luxury for him to grab a nice filet with no scales

fins or bones? :P

♪♪ How'ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down On The Farm, After They've Seen Paree? ♪♪

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