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Teaberry Gum


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I was kind of excited to see this stuff the other day.

It was always my favorite as a kid, but I've spent the last few decades assuming it was no more.

I appreciate the fact that most of you would trust me with your life, but before you run out to go

gum-shopping, I need to tell you the bottom-line here.

This stuff tastes just like Pepto-Bismol. Seriously.

I think PB tastes great, but it's probably not for everyone.

Wasn't even going to post this, but I suddenly realized that it would

allow me to shift into an important Pepto-Bismol public-service announcement.

(So I'm being serious now. I know it's hard to tell sometimes.)

Winter is coming up, and a lot of discomforts and downright illnesses can happen.

Frequently at the same time. So your stomach and head might both not feel so good.

Do not take Pepto and aspirin at the same time! Not even close to each other!

This can result in a 'ringing in the ears' reaction. A long loud bad one.

It's not pleasant. I can tell you from experience that it's possible for you to wind up

throwing yourself into walls hoping that it might make the horror stop.

Sorry to be a bummer! But if it helps anyone, it's worth it. :)


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That was a good one too!

I'm kind of wondering what the time-frame is for so-called 'red' licorice.

I love the black stuff, and the red makes no sense to me whatsoever.

Am I old enough that I knew the original product before the other came out?

Maybe 'red' has been around forever, but I just don't like it so didn't notice.

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I can't remember the two major brands, but have seen several references on

tv shows to the folks who like the red stuff having fierce brand-loyalty.

Broken engagements, the whole nine yards! A real Hatfield-McCoy situation. ( :

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