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Eeek, My Mouse


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My mouse stopped working yesterday. After restarts sometimes it still wouldn't work and sometimes it would work for a couple of minutes. The computer had been slowing down for awhile so I did a quick save of My Documents and reformatted. .... for a little bit that looked like it might have solved the mouse problem.

But nooooo .... so hubby brought me home a new mouse. Which the computer says is recognized. But which doesn't move the pointer. It's wireless, and we have our router and the phone nearby so I wonder if that's interfering with the signal.

Meanwhile, back to the old mouse and hoping it will work. For the past several minutes it has, so maybe whatever was wrong yesterday has fixed itself. ??? :wacko: ???

But if I disappear ... you know the drill ... no need to worry about me. It's just a mouse. Send me a friendly thought across the ether.

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Is the new one working consistently now?

I've never had a wireless input device, but a respected buddy of mine swears by them.

Almost in an 'It'll change your life!" kind of way. He'd tell you to get a new keyboard too.

Wireless or not, mice and keyboards do sort of wear out eventually, and getting new ones

is almost always a happy 'this is great!' experience. ( :

Oh geesh! We're going to have to search the archives for that bowling-ball mouse now, aren't we? :lol:

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The old one is working right now.

The new one worked while I had it switched on but I'm gonna keep it on reserve in case the old one freezes again.

Devices which need batteries instead of cords just don't seem green but hubbers made it sound like cords were no longer an option ... at least not in the electronics section at our WalMart where he was doing the emergency mouse run.

Bowling-ball mouse?

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Had to do a search to figure out what I was talking about,

but I think it was this one. ( :

The trackball developed by Tom Cranston, Fred Longstaff andKenyon Taylor working on theRoyal Canadian Navy's DATARproject in 1952. It used a standard Canadian five-pin bowling ball. The "chopper wheels" are visible, in black.


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