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1 1/32" Maglite Indian Lutz With 3 Lutz Bands


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Hi: I got a call recently from a Carpenter who lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and, while demolishing an old house, circa 1850s, he found this 1 1/32" Maglite Indian Lutz Marble with 3 Lutz Bands and a single Blue Opaque Band between each of the 3 Lutz bands. I have not seen the marble, other than the 4 pictures he was able to send me with his phone/camera. He says when he shines a light into the marble, he can see tiny air bubbles and a translucent black or extremely dark color that appears to be black to him. I have attached a copy of each of these 4 pictures. Any ideas on value, if I were to purchase it to resell, or, is anyone interested in making him a fair offer through me. I'd put interested buyers directly in touch with him, except he doesn't speak any English.....only French.post-2934-0-27883800-1411316985_thumb.jppost-2934-0-10828400-1411317006_thumb.jp

The file is too big to send all 4 pictures with this file. I'll send the other 2 pictures separately. Bob

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Hi Again: Just as a matter of information, he found this marble when tearing up the wood floor boards on the main floor of the old house. Although he is not a marble collector, he has done a lot of research since he found the marble several weeks ago. He says the surface is Mint, except there are 2 very tiny shallow circular holes......I assume these are tiny air bubble pops. Bob

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