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Lost Marbles


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What's the craziest thing you've done to retrieve a lost marble?

Three years ago I got a set of peewee fiber optic marbles in various colors. What's the first thing I do? Drop one down the side of the couch. And I couldn't find it again when I felt around for it.

I didn't have enough room at the time to turn the couch up on its end to try to get it out, so for three years I've been conscious of needing to get that marble out if we ever decided to get rid of the couch.

Wellll .... Sunday was the day of reckoning. Time to send the couch to the dump. So time to get the marble out.

So I stripped the couch down to the skeleton.

Just to find a tiny round bit of fiber optic glass.

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Welllll ... I found it. But not in the couch.

While taking a breather, I searched for the rest of the set to show my husband what this whole escapade was about. I found the set where I remembered putting it three years earlier -- in a shelf, in its original mailer, which also contained an open Chinese Checkers box full of Japanese pinchers which I had acquired at the same time from the same seller. And nestled on the edge of the green row of pinchers was the missing green fiber optic marble. I never did drop it in the couch after all. I dropped it back into the mailer. I only imagined that it dropped into the side of the couch and I only imagined that I saw it dropping further down as I reached for it.

At least that's what I'm telling myself.

My husband assures me there is no such thing as poltergeists who find lost marbles and return them to their mailers while I am not looking.

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