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What Do You Use For Marble Stands?


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I use plastic stands, glass stands, candlesticks. special wooden ones made by marble artists, depression glass bowls with flower frogs in them, antique bar ware that measures out whiskey, communion glasses, etc. I have a case with a glass door on the front that was made for golf balls. There are golf tees made into the case. They hold my one inch Robert L. Hamon marbles perfectly. The marble sits on the tee. The case has a door that guarantees safety of the marbles and it hangs on the wall. The antique barware stands up very tall and it holds my largest marbles, 3 inch up above the rest so that they can be seen above the smaller marbles. Wish I could find more of them.

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Thought you'd be a fan of the nice soft O-rings, after reading about

your practice of handing people marbles one at a time to avoid the 'clink'. :P

The slight modification of the golf ball case's intended use sounds brilliant.

I'll bet it looks great!

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I did not take the bowl out of my curio cabinet. I would have had to do too much work - take all the marbles off, lift out the bowl, put the marbles back on to photograph, take them off, put the bowl back, put all the marbles back on again. I'm lazy.

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