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Who Made The Akro Agate Imperial Boxes


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Why are you sure it's repro?

Just curious. I can find four Imperial box pix ... and they're all bottoms ... to show the contents. I'm not seeing what the top is supposed to look like.

Is it because it's brown, not yellow?

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Whether that's repro or not (still curious), maybe it could have been filled from one of the Akro crates which have been found in modern times.

How many such crates are known of? Was it only the one Craig sorted ... some 10,000 marbles ... or were there more? Was this style of marble one of the kinds of cork found in the crate?

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These are some of the bottoms I have pictures of. (And the inside of one top.) The first is an illustration from the letter introducing Imperials in January 1929.

(click the links below the thumbnails for the bigger photos)







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Hi Craig so what about the marbles as they all have issues was there a huge find of these ? I know there Akro for sure but being the condition I thought were all from a dig or ?

Here is a link to more pics of the box will get of the marbles later . so how many like this are out there . Mike


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I'm just not positive the longer I look at it. Compare the way the paper label wraps under the lid and stops, and the rest is cardboard. The marbles in Bob's box I have seen in a bunch of Imperial boxes, including one an old employee took home with him. But these in your box are a different type, almost a ringer with the white and red.

I have seen Art Bowles make a bunch of unmarked boxes backfilled like this. And he usually used folded carboard like this is. Factory boxes have sharper edges as they were stamped on machines.

Steph posted a picture of the marbles in the 10,000 count crate a few posts up. That is an inside picture of a box of mine. Those marbles are similar, but not as nice. The imperials with the double cork screws are what you want to see.

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