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A Walk Through Marble History


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Hi folks:

Many may not remember me but I have been a part of the larger marble community since 1997. Life pulled me away years ago but now with my wife and I are fully retired from the military I find myself being pulled back to a love I have for marbles that no one other than the marble community can fully understand. As a way of saying hello and as a tribute to a dear friend (Alan Basinet), I would like share a story with all of you.

Come back with me to May 2002, Lonnie Rewa was just finishing up the artwork for her 2003 Contemporary Art Calendar and was taking I believe pre-orders. Allen was running his weekly charity auctions as usual. And I had idea (Allan could really rub off on you) and after discussing it we crafted a plan to raise more money for the charities.

The plan was simple he would contact Lonnie and request 6 copies, have them sent to me, make contact with each Contemporary Marble Maker, ship each individual calendar sheet to the respective artist, have them signed, returned to me to be re-assembled and then mailed back to Allen so he could list them in Dec. Simple enough, lol.

Lonnie was on board immediately and sent the copies to me, the calendars were sort and prepared for mailing to Daniel Ambrose, Eddie Seese, Bo Stiff, Boyd Miller, Jerry Capel

Doug Ferguson, John Hamon Miller, Steve Davis, Andy Davis, Teri Conklin and Mark Capel (in order as they appear in the calendar, oh Lonnie signed her 2 pages as well). The true key to our success was the communications, I personally didn't know any of these artist (at the time) but Alan did and with the talent of a master pulled it off. The key was catching up with all of them but somehow it all came together after many hours devoted to this by so many individuals working together. Again, I thanks all them for their part in making it all happen especially Allan, Lonnie and Bo.

I can't remember how much money was raise but believe that was only part of what was achieved that year. The marble community including those who helped create the calendar and all those who bid in support of the charities came closer together, frankly it was a lot of fun!!!!

In a final jester of friendship Alan gave me the 6th copy which I would like to share over the next two days (with the moderator's approval).

Again, hi folks and thanks for letting me share!





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Here are June through Nov. Will have to add Dec's (Mark Capel) in another reply not enough space.


I don't know where Lonnie's original artwork for the 2003 calender ended up but believe she gave them to the respective artist. I was lucky enough to purchase 4 of her originals that she used in the 2004 calender, I will post them as well. Where the 2003 was focused on contemporary marbles the 2004 depicted machine made.



BTW, hi Scoop!! Been at least 5 years since we last saw each other in Ma. , I clearly remember you introducing me to Burt (what a wonderful man, I know you two were close) whom will also be sorely missed in our community. And Steph, I have known about you and your study halls since you started it, the pleasure is mine to have finally met you.


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