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Clear Marble With Silver Honeycombs


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I don't know about this one. I was at a glass store and bought some jars of marbles. He could have made this one himself, but I thought I would get some input. Measures about 5/8" and looks to have either some gunk on it like it may have been glued to something. I know the pictures are terrible, but the silver wasn't showing up well in the pics. The one pic is with the light off only, no blacklight.


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Glow in the dark? Without blacklight? Weeeeeeeerd!

Okaaaaaay. Well, except for the glow in the dark part, it looks like a "fried marble". That was a fad in the 60's. People made jewelry with and other crafts with them.

Since it's glow in the dark, I have to ask if it is actually glass.

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