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I watched the Perry Mason finale last night on MeTV -- the last episode from the 60's version of the show, that is. I made sure not to miss it because the last episodes of the series broke away from the formulaic earlier episodes. Wanted to enjoy the variety before I settled back in to the basic comfort zone of the rest of the series, which will restart tonight.

Plus, you gotta love it when Dick Clark is the killer, right? (Ooops, hope I didn't spoil it for anyone. :D)

After seeing the episode and commenting on it elsewhere I was shown this link about all the special performers in the episode. With that extra info, "Final Fade Out" has just vaulted into my list of favorite finales ever.


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I really have to watch this show.

Honestly, I've never seen it.

Not fond of courtroom scenes. They make me nervous and uncomfortable.

But this program obviously has some serious 'staying power', so I really ought to check it out. ( :

Separate from that, 'finales' and 'pilots' are terrific things to watch!

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I think one of my favorite series was The Fugitive and I can remember where I was when the Finale was on. In a hotel in Livermore CA with the family waiting for our house to be finished after moving from Bluff Park Alabama

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Mine too, Galen. I saw the finale. But one of the best commentary I saw on it was...."After years of running, and now on a South Sea Isle, as the sun slowly sinks in the west; we see Dr. Kimball, detach his left arm and dive into the surf for a well deserved swim." :P:P

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