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The bottom right are Marble King Rainbows -- from the late 1950's or early 1960's. I think that color combination is called a Wasp. Might be called something else too.

The bottom left is a Vitro. Might be a black-line All Red but that brown band is so wide I wanna say something else. I'm blanking. Mark or someone else will know. I think it's from the 1950's, but could maybe be 1960's depending on what it turns out to be.

In that view top right looks like it could be a more modern, Asian marble. I don't have a guess for the top left. More views could help.

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The green and white is a West Virginia swirl. Because of the size it's easier to ID. It would be an Alley Agate, probably from the 1940's.

The one with a brownish base and orange ribbons is a Peltier Rainbo.

I think modern on the others. Probably made by JABO in Reno, Ohio after 1991.

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