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Clueless 6


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Nooooooo! :D *panicked wail* ;)

Start a new thread with each new set. Haven't looked at the pix yet. 12 is sort of a lot of marbles for a thread, but if they're similar enough, it will be okay.

Before I look at the pix, I'm breaking this new set off into a thread of its own.

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Ok. I'm sorry. I thought about that and was gonna do it then changed my mind. Sorry sorry. Do u need me to do it


I got this one split off okay.

Lesseee ... looks like you have a lot of Clearies in this batch. Transparent marbles which are essentially one color are Clearies. They have other names, such as Puries. But I say Clearies.

Clearies will occasionally have slight color variations within them. Still Clearies. They're not a high value marble, but they're attractive and once upon a time they were very popular. I like 'em.

The ones with the white swirling around in them are called Transparent Swirls.

Both Clearies and Transparent Swirls are so hard to pin down to maker that most people don't even try. Sometimes you get a little extra hint and people might try to do it for fun but mostly they get lumped together.

#2 might be a Champion Agate, but that's just a guess.

Your clearies have seam structure, but your transparent swirls might not. If you actually do see clear seams on the ones with white ribbons, then they're probably some other type of marble -- not transparent swirls after all -- and closer-up views showing the seams and ribbon structure could help.

You say ground pontil on #5 and two pontils on #11? How about some more views of those. Closer up.

Transparent marbles can be very tricky to shoot. Some have had success by taking the pictures with the marbles immersed in a bowl of water.

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