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Left-Handed Or Right-Handed?


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What do you do with which hand?

I write with my right.

I drink with my left. (I think about that because I drink out of a mug which is supposed to reveal a cow inside ... only I don't see the cow because it's on the wrong side of the mug. :))

I throw with either hand. More power with my right. Sometimes better aim with my left.

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Once I sprained my wrist and had to use my left more. Although I haven't driven a right hand car, and if it's a manual right hand drive (with the shifter on the left) you'd best get off the road.

Wasn't there a guy that could write with both hands in two different languages at the same time?

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Right-handed in writing, tend to be ambidextrous in others. I've been accused of sweeping left-handed, for example. So I didn't know I had a left-handed eating deficiency when it came to fine motor skills until I separated my right shoulder in a fall from a horse and poured my first spoonful of soup straight into my lap rather than my mouth.

My father was ambidextrous, although I didn't know that until I was in high school. Wha?

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