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Blue Ribbons


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Not quite sure what these are, got a fun "mystery swirls" ziploc bag off eBay, pretty interesting variety.

These blue ribbons, sink down below the surface. There are others that are similar with white, yellow, pale orange, electric orange, and pale green ribbons on a clear base.




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Mystery swirl bag! Gutsy! But like you say, fun. :D

And these look really great. Wouldn't mind seeing the other colors!

But what the heck's the deal with the 'dual-photos'?

How about losing the two bottom marbles in the left-hand photo,

replacing them with the same two in the right-hand one,

and then getting rid of the second photo entirely?

I'm very confused. But that's nothing new. ( :

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Doh! Vacor! Thanks Steph.

Bob, one photo is with flash, one is without :)

And the mystery bags are fun.... if the price is right ! I'll get some pics of the other colors tonight, when I get home , I think they look pretty cool :)

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