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Russian Prison


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Watching an interesting show on the National Geographic channel.

Clipped this shot of people who were literally "Sent to Siberia" doing calisthenics at 6:00 A.M.

Tomorrow morning when I wake up completely disgusted with life in general, I'm going to try to

remember this scene and maybe start the day with a slightly sunnier disposition! :)


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Really screwed up perspectives in todays humanity. We have starving babies in the USA and all over the world people have no food yet people are spending time and money protesting a dumb ass dentist that killed an old Lion?? I like animals but we seem to have really screwed up perspective nowadays. Sorry to say I wouldn't ever make it as a Buddhist. I just think as long as babies are dying from no food one of the last places money should be spent is on stray animals in pounds. Of feeding feral cats


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Oh man! Don't get me started! :lol:

'Perspective', 'Priorities', it goes on and on.

I don't question people's individual choices anymore, as long as they're consistent and passionate.

What drives me nuts are the hoity-toity people who go in and out of causes depending on what

the 'flavor of the month' is. For them, it's a question of which cause suits their 'image' best.

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