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The 'dremel'


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The Dremel was mentioned in passing recently, when we were admiring Chuck G's great work with it.

Although there's no direct connection between this tool and marbles, I couldn't help thinking that there

are probably quite a few marble people who appreciate it. I won't bore you trying to explain how I came

to this 'connection' if you're willing to trust me that it makes sense somehow. :P

I have a small amount of older Dremel equipment which I enjoy very much for various reasons.

Here's a 'Model 2'. Wish I'd taken the time to take a nicer photo, but it's the weekend and I'm

feeling kind of lazy and 'laid back'. When this guy is running, it puts out some bright blue sparks

that make you think of something in Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory. ( :



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No doubt about it. If you've never used the flex shaft, you probably love your tool just as it is.

But eventually you're going to check out a friend's or coworker's, and that's that.

Game over. You're going to get one! ;)

Here's a photo I clipped from Amazon for people who don't know what we're talking about.

The Dremel is a fairly small and lightweight tool to begin with. But by adding the 'shaft', you take

sort of a 'dentist drill' approach. You separate the larger heavier motorized part of the tool, and

work with a smaller lighter 'hand-piece' that lets you work more easily and in tighter situations.


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My favorite Dremel model is also an older one.

If I had reason to use it every day, I wouldn't think twice about it.

I kind of wish Galen hadn't mentioned his 12 volt cordless.

Can't justify getting one at the moment, but I really want it!

I can just see him now. Bringing one of those small, but tedious

to do at home, projects to one of his West Coast beaches, and

occasionally being distracted by 'other things'.

Boy I really hate him sometimes! :P

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Mr.Dremel started his company in 1932.

He made other products before he came up with the 'rotary tool'.

I have no idea how long 'other' rotary tools may have been around before his.

The 'Model 2' definitely was around in 1947, if you believe the file name in the advertisement I found and posted.

Pretty sure I remember seeing a 'Model 1' somewhere, but don't know when it was introduced.

The Dremel is sometimes incredibly useful for a quick and perfect result in certain circumstances.

But more often it's used for fine detail work that often takes a lot of time, as Chuck said.

The more modern (I think) 'Roto-Zip' tool is pretty much a larger version of the Dremel which takes larger bits and

other 'accessory' devices but also achieves high RPMs. It may be a more useful tool for a person who's 'good

with his hands' and likes taking care of practical problems around the house without calling in a repair person. ( :

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grinding cutting buffing polishing drilling etc ect. Yesterday I soldered a ring that had broken then used the dremel to smooth out my solder job. I then changed tips and used it to polish the ring, Next project will be polishing two types of stainless finishes on my watch band. And sometime soon I will be cutting some drywall with it. I will also be carving some eggs in the near future. Heck it even cuts marbles in half



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Oh shoot! Is that the 'cordless'?

That's another good thing about it.

Without the awkward cord going every which way, you can

have your tool and the flex shaft in a convenient small case. ( :

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Naturally, having 'clicked' on several things 'Dremel' recently, I'm now being bombarded

with advertisements from everyone in the world who sells their products.

Most of them haven't been of any special interest, but one just appeared about something

completely new to me.

I guess it makes sense when you think about it. Dremel now makes a '3D printer', which produces

objects for which their rotary tool is the perfect thing for putting on the finishing touches! Smart.

And if you click on the link below, there's a 'surprise bonus'!

Give it a moment to cycle through the changing 'background pictures'.

If you have a quick eye, you'll see a couple examples of something they 'printed' just for us! :lol:


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