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Hello From The Netherlands


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I'm Jelle Bakker, 32 years old and my biggest hobby is building marble runs and similar things, i have also a collection of marbles, but mostly toy marbles which is used for the marble runs.

I have also a web site and a Youtube Channel with more than 30,000 subscribers.

I live in Amersfoort, (the Netherlands) and my bedroom has a large marble run. I builded also marble runs inside museums, indoor playgrounds, hospitals, super markets ad more. I like mostly the sounds, i use often bells, wood, nails, springs to make sound when a marble strikes it.

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Thanks for your comments,

My youtube channel runs very good, but still there are some competitors on Youtube who mades simple toy plastic marble runs (which you can buy in almost every toy stores) that attracts millions of views. But after a insane media hype around my "Marble Tsunami" with 11,000 marbles, my channel gains 2 million views in just some weeks time, beating almost all competition and ruling the search results. It's hard to miss me when you enter "marbles" or "marble run" in youtube.

But i still wonder why Youtube gives some simple uninteresting videos millions of views...

I began building marble runs on my 4th birthday after i get a marble run as a birthday gift from my parents.

I managed to get a guinness record longest marble run in May 2009, unfortunately, it was beaten by a competitor in 2011

My biggest dream is to start a small museum or exhibition with my marble runs, another wish is to make a marble run somewhere in the USA.

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