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Actually, I'm not a big 'candy' person.

But I do get a 'craving' every once in a while.

Want to remind everyone that if you've never gone to 'The Dollar Tree' for candy,

you don't know what you're missing.

They have so much stuff!

I'm pretty sure they have more candy varieties than any other type of product.

And although there are some 'off-brands', there are even more classic names

that you already know and love.

Got the malted milk balls you see below the other day. I was going to put a quarter

in the picture for 'scale', but I forgot. I think you can still see that this is a huge

'theater-sized' box. They have many of the traditional 'movie' varieties.

What? You're actually thinking it would make sense to sneak some of these in

the next time you go to 'the pictures'? :o Well, geesh. Personally, the idea of

maybe being sent to 'theater jail' terrifies me, but if you have nerves of steel and

enjoy living life 'on the edge', I say 'go for it'!

Halloween is also just around the corner, and let's face it. Doesn't matter how rich

you may be, if you 'stock up' in advance and also save a little money in the deal,

then that's a wonderful thing you'll feel good about.

Which leads to another helpful hint! While you're intelligently pre-planning and

saving money in the process, you should also buy a bunch of the 'theater boxes'

along with more 'appropriate' Halloween candy. This will allow you at some point

to exclaim to yourself or others "Oh shoot! What was I thinking?! These big boxes

are no good for trick-or-treaters because the candy isn't individually wrapped!

I'm just going to have to save this for myself! Dang!" :lol:


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