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Marble King Rainbows - 1960S/1970S ??


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The left one looks like a modern MK to me -- last 20 years.

That right one is wild. I'd guess either Vitro or some modern MK which I'm not familiar with. I need to go through the photos that Edna has posted of the modern Marble Kings which she got from Randy Gossett.

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Newer or later version Marble King above . Most or probably all the normal production older Marble King Ranbows are patch on the side and ribbon around the middle or off to the other side. Often called patch and ribbon. A ribbon of colored glass around the middle or side and a colored patch at the other side or pole. The newer ones do not have a patch on the side. Just the colored ribbon around the middle.

Older Marble King below. Patch and Ribbon.



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