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Has This Been Polished?


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Good eye. I would wonder about that. It has that blurriness of the white, that moves differently in marbles that have lost their original surface. I find polished marbles to have a slippery feel...and they have a tendency to get away from one's grip more easily than an original surface marble. One sure way to find out is some higher magnification...like 30x or better. Where there was a glass loss, or deeper flea, the remainder of the imperfection sometimes can show as smooth, but broader, and bowl-like appearance that is almost impossible to describe, and is smooth(er) but doesn't look like an as-made melt-depression, or very small contracted dimples. These show up on lots of marbles, and are natural when the glass cools, but don't look the same on a polished marble. Let us know what you find! John

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It was in a large group of marbles, and I think the person I got it from bought it in that condition. There was another blue popeye that just looked way different than this one. At least the egg yolk and milky oxbloods are in original shape.

Also, if anyone is looking for 4 large pickle jars, let me know. They don't have any marbles in them anymore so they are of no use to me:-)

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