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Great Tv Ad & Groovy Boat


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Usually I tend to think that shorter 'to the point' commercials are better.

But I found this one so entertaining that I'm making an exception.

Valuable Bonus YouTube Tip! - Sometimes tube videos play at a lower resolution than they should.

It's a good idea to click that little 'gear' button and check your settings. This one was playing at '360' and looked pretty bad. Since '1080' was available, I just clicked on that and after a few moments of processing the video was razor sharp and just beautiful.

This is especially significant if you're watching the video 'full-screen', which is what you should be doing with this one. :icon_popcorn:


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Ha! Steph came up with the 'answer' I was looking for while I was doing 'research'.

(I'm not very familiar with the Bond movies.)

In American English 'Nick Nack' doesn't look like a particularly 'nice' name to have.

The slightly slang word 'knick-knack' often implies something small and of little value.

On a separate note, if I was reading correctly, it sounds like the German

'schnick schnack schnuck' is the same as the American 'rock paper scissors' game.

Now it's time to have a fun quiz for English-speaking people! (Not you, Hoody! :P )

Can you translate the German below?

If so, then you can officially call yourself bi-lingual! :)

Der Mann mit dem goldenen Colt

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Things like that make me think it's not too late to try to learn German.

Had a similar reaction listening to a Holland's Got Talent video -- it made me think I could learn Dutch if I just tried a little.

The scary thing is always the verbs.

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Of course, "Der Mann mit dem goldenen Colt" is the german title. kbobam figured it out.

I wonder about the original english/american title. WARNING: It might be that the original title is NOT the right answer to the fun quiz.

'rock paper scissors' is what we germans call 'Schnick Schnack Schnuck' I can confirm.

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You know better than I do! But I'm sure we agree that Steph is a 'winner'! :clap2:

Of the little German I know, I remember two words very well.

When I was a little boy my father would sometimes take me to lunch at a German restaurant we both liked.

This place featured Lowenbrau beer, and there were two giant beer taps labeled 'Hell' and 'Dunkel' for

what I learned was 'light' (not the American kind!) and 'dark'. After we sat down, I would sometimes do my 'routine'.

It starts off rather quietly and ends very loudly.

"So, Dad........." (Dad looks slightly alarmed. He forgot about the routine.)

"Are you going to have the dunkel?" (He knows what's coming next. He's looking down with his hand on his face.)

"Or the HELL!" (At this point I'm laughing uncontrollably, and he's ready for one of each.) rolleye-842.gifcharacter-smileys-238.gif

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Yes, I agree. So Steph is awarded 1st prize?

Oh yeah this Bavarian Löwenbräu. Maybe sometime you want to do your father a favorite and then you might order it by its adjective: "helles" - sounds similar to 'health'. Here in Germany we have some TV spots for another famous Bavarian beer and there they played around with english and german. The english 'to your health' ("Auf Dein Wohl") is misinterpreted to "to your Helles".

I bet everyone speaking english at least knows some Bavarian words - but just is not aware of:

health => helles [bier] (helles / Hell = bright / bright light)

egg => Eck' (Ecke = corner)

corner => Koaner (Koaner => Niemand = nobody)

I => Ei (Ei = egg)

Its due to the phonetic similarity of those english and Bavarian words. I do not want to fool you to much so I also give the exact german spelling and its original translation in the brackets. Hope you enjoy it a little bit.

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