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Nature And Junk


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Not 'junk' literally. I just meant the title to sound 'teenage casual',

like 'Nature and Stuff' or 'Nature and Bleep'. ( :

I've always liked this phenomenon, though I haven't seen it often.

Not sure what sequence of events leads to it, but every once in a

while you get this situation where certain leaves get water drops on

them and there's something that just isn't 'right' about it. There are

simply way too many drops, and some of them are too big and some

are too small. It's kind of neat looking. Like natural Scotch-Guard. :lol:


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Nuts. Just realized that I actually wrote "though" without an apostrophe in front of it.

And that spell-check apparently thinks this is a proper word.

I can feel the 'old and crotchety' mood coming on already.

But don't worry! I'm not going to do any more 'sharing' (yuck) around here

until I'm back to my normal happy-go-lucky self! :lol:

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It's just a way for people who are too busy on their phones solving the

world's problems with intelligent questions like "Where u at?" to avoid

the horrendous effort of using a two-syllable word like "although".

I told you I was going to be in a mood! :P

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No, identical to number 255 :)

Okay, the whole story is: to be or not to be => two 'B' or not two 'B' => 0x2B | ~ 0x2B

And for those unaware of progamming languages: the literal "0x" says that the following is a hexadecimal number, not a decimal. "|" is the OR-operator (binary), "~" is the NOT-operator (also binary). The complete construction says to logical OR each bitposition with its inverse resulting in all '1's to be present in the result. Considering 8 bits we and up with 0xFF (255 in usual decimal notation, some calculators tell it -1 which is just a different interpretation).

'-1' - just one life to loose when you die creeps in my mind now ...

Hope you still enjoy the pun.

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