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Hello From Oregon


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So, I decide to signup here after being pointed here from another forum. Can't have too many marble forums :) ... What do you mean that username is in use? What do you mean that email address is in use? Huh? Turns out I signed up here in 2005 (didn't this used to be MarbleAlan's old forum?) about the time I lost my job and put marbles and all other collecting aside.

About a month ago I started digging through the storage area at the back of the garage and found boxes and boxes marked as marbles and started digging them out. Since then I've been try to come back up to speed. Some of my really good stuff had already been out in domed displays, but I was seeing marbles that had been boxed up for over 10 years. I'm retired and on a limited income, so I won't be buying many more Guinea's, but I've started making a few bids for cheaper stuff on Ebay.

Kind of fun to be back in the community.

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