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Putting A Face To A Name


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As I have mentioned, all my marbles (except two "artsy" ones I haven't even posted here) were inherited from my grandparents' estate in St. Marys, West Virginia. MY father was born in 1917. He eventually graduated from college and left St Marys to serve in the Army in WWII. He never lived in St Marys again, but visited as an adult and we took family vacations there once I came about.

Here is my grandfather as a young man. Maybe he has a few marbles in his pocket there...


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Love the pictures. That first one is a dapper looking young man. I am sure he is ready to knuckle down.

In the second picture he has definitely outgrown marbles. there are girls in that picture and no self respecting agate pusher would be caught dead hanging out with girls (yuk, cooties, :worms: )

thanks for sharing.


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