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Giggle if you Must!


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The scene below is from a recent 'Modern Family' television episode.
I suppose that it's inevitable that a product like this is going to be 'spoofed' at times.
How could it not be?

But I'm going to let you in on a little secret of mine.
I haven't paid for a single haircut in the past twenty-five years.
Guess why!

My antique unit is a really well-built little device,
and I continue to use it faithfully at least every other week.

The 'return on investment' figure must be staggering!


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I guess it would only be proper to say that I don't mean to sound
like I'm unequivocally recommending the Flowbee to everyone.

It's certainly possible that my almost irresistible sex appeal :lol: has
to do in part with the rugged 'attitude' that an 'I don't give a bleep'
haircut suggests. Might not be the right look for everyone.  ( :  

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3 hours ago, kbobam said:

I haven't paid for a single haircut in the past twenty-five years.

Well, I learned something else new: If you highlight text in a post you wish to respond to, a quote button shows up and when you click on it, it includes only the highlighted text in your response. This is much easier than the old system where you would get the entire post in the quote box and then have to delete the parts you didn't need.

As for haircuts . . . You are my kind of guy, Bob. I do pay for haircuts, but only once a year ($5). Because, I don't really give a bleep what my hair looks like either. Now, having said that, I suppose you've still saved $75 more than me over the past 25 years. :)

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On 2/13/2016 at 5:11 PM, kbobam said:

I figured out how to make my 'written lines' here come out
just the way I want them to, without the stupid 'spaces' and
without them needing to run into the far right border.  ( :


This flowbee (or at least something very similar) I remember from one or two TV-ads even here in Germany long ago. Was a root cause for giggles and now is even more. I prefer a clipper and in a few years I will comb my hair with a washcloth :D

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