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Mr Meteorite

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Thanks Steph

  I was quite certain that these beauties were Pelts, just figured that with this gorgeous color combination they deserve a nickname, I'd call them something like "Lemon and Lime Shake-Ups" or something. For now I'll just call "some pretty pelts"

The second one is a bright lime green/yellow, much lighter that the others which all have a really dark, dirty green/yellow mixture.

Would you consider this a separate type from the rest?

And here is another pic.pyg2.thumb.jpg.f78f699ebf52bf54e7b50649705c2ec3.jpg

Thanks in advance for any help,

Joe K_


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The lime green is pretty. I don't know that I would call it a different type.  I"m more of a "lumper" these days than I used to be.  (Lumping marbles together.)

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