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Illinois meteorite man


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Hello all, I'm a 39 year old father of 5 (22yrs, 21yrs, 16yrs, 14yrs, 1yr) two oldest boys youngest 3 are my girls.

I'm a cnc machine operator.

My passion is hunting collecting and dealing meteorites. If I could hunt meteorites 24hrs a day I would, my dream is to goto Antarctica and hunt meteorites.

I am probably the newest collector here with the smallest and least valued collection,but that will change. I've been collecting for only a month and a half, I have been learning as much as possible, that's all I've been doing in my spare time, something to do with marbles: taking pictures, editing pictures, looking at pictures, examining each one of my marbles individually. I've become obsessed, this is what happened with meteorites, that's all I thought(think) about, I put together an amazing collection, I started a website and forum and had, at the time the most popular forum by far, with over 1500 members, hundreds very active, I made many  good friends in the meteorite community.

I love learning and teaching about meteorites, and learning and hopefully someday teaching about marbles.

I'm a Huge Steelers fan and a big Cubs and Blackhawks fan too.

This is a pic of me and my lil baby girl, Jazzy.


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Thanks Steph.

Here are a few pics of the material that I discovered, it's called Mendotawrong but many spell it online as Mendota wrong. I've sold this material all over the world, on Google you can see images from a natural history museum in Germany, dealers photos from Morocco, I've sold it to collectors in Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, Morocco, UK, and other countries that are not coming to me at the moment, also sold to at least 17 states.

I do have some available if interested, but that's not why I'm posting this, I'm posting it to share my life passion, and show things that come from many many hours of hunting, walking fields, ditches, pastures, parks, yards, roads, basically anywhere I can walk and hunt for meteorites. I also recovered the main mass of the Mifflin meteorite and that particular stone is dubbed "the Kerchner stone" it's one of over 200 finds from the 2010 Mifflin fall. My find was the largest to be found, oddly enough I was parked right over top of the second largest stone, unfortunately I was not the one who found that one, that was Marvin Kilgore who found that one a few days before I found mine.

If you Google it, and look at images, it show pics of it all around the world, and it all came from me, I found it a little outside of mendota. It sells for about a buck a gram, most meteorite collectors that I know have at least one piece of this in their collection. It was thought to be a meteorite for upwards of a year while it was being studied by a few institutions, mostly universities but one friend who works at jpl checked it out too.

I was amazed when I got an email from Dr Carleton Moore from ASU, he is the guy who trained Neil and biz on what and how to do their job on the moon, they practiced in the desert in their space suits. He had his colleague Lawrence Garvie do the testing, he is featured on meteorite men every time they have a newly found meteorite tested.




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Here are pics of the "Kerchner Stone" and my son's holding it an hour or less after we found it, on April 25 2010.

One pic is of a sliced and polished piece weighing 1.5 grams you can see the amazing matrix in these pics both fragmented as found and sliced and polished prepared for a collection.








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When I'm driving around from garage sale to garage sale I get nearly the same feeling as I do when I'm out hunting meteorites, knowing they are there if I look in the right place at the right time, as I'm meteorite hunting, for example: where persistence walking and searching for 12+hrs a day every day for 10 days paid off in the meteorite find of a lifetime. I believe that persistence I will  show while hunting every garage sale and estate sale I can make it to Will net me some really nice additions to my collection(which is in need of...well.....marbles)😂😅

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Yep, folks, he has the bug.  And when you start feeling frustrated about something not clicking with marbles, think how many hours you put into studying meteorites before you were able to know them like the back of your hand.  But you'll get there.

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