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Cloudy green 5/16" Pelts

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I found these 2 while digging the Peltier factory in ottawa, Illinois.

When I found them I figured they were something other than a mib. However I have read and been told that Peltier did make 5/16" marbles.

Then in the past week I've seen 2 of these in 2 different lots.

These seem quite small, were these used playing marbles? I'm guessing these are pretty common and have veritable monetary value, however it has value to me, being that I found one each day I dug at the old Peltier factory.

Did they make many different marbles in this small size? If so, does anyone have any pics of different 5/16 pelts?



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You can't really tell good from these photos , but the one in first 3 pics have a very light colored ribbon on each side like a typical rainbo. It's hard to tell for sure, but it looks to be a yellowish/white or a sorr of greenish/yellow on both sides.

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