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Akro, Vitro or Master Made/Glass?

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I unwrapped these 5 beauties the other day. I’m almost sure pics 1-3.(4 Marbles) are all the same mfg whom ever that may be. The dull colors with the grainy coloring going into the cutoff lines makes me think these are Master Made Marbles possibly Vitro Agates. The last one pictured 4-7 is a clear base with a red tinge to about 1/4 the inside is grainy with a twist resembling a cats eye that didn’t spread out all the filament is on one side somewhat like a Cobra. If anyone knows what these specific patterns are I would appreciate it so I can compare my thoughts on these with yours. I appreciate everyone’s time and effort. I’ve exhausted the internet search engine method of identifying these thru pictures and encyclopedias. To be honest the more I look the further I drift into confusion, subsequently everything starts looking like an Akro Agate or a Peltier. Thanks everyone!!!








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Vitro for the group of four.

Master for the single marble.

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