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eBay and a rant/rave

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I started buying on eBay because I thought you had a guarantee, that is not the case. If a seller does not accept returns, you have to go through a long process to get absolutely nothing done. I know some reputable sellers like Cedarman 7 (Lee) and Bob Block. Thanks to what I have learned from all of the seasoned collectors here, I cannot thank you all enough. This is more of a rant/rave. I’m ranting about unsavory sellers on eBay or feebay as it’s popularly known and raving about all of the great people/collectors that I have had the pleasure to meet on this forum. You all have taught me so much and still I have so much to learn. Collecting in the wild is the way to go. You never know when you will find a gem. I admire the years of hard research and the digging of sites likes Pennsboro and WVRON, Steph and Chad G., whom I admire so very much. You all are an inspiration and I thank you all for that. You all are preserving history and passing it along to younger collectors, that is admirable. Others I do not know personally, my hat is off to you all for continuing to pass along valuable information to us newbies. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is indeed a privilege to be in your company and learn so much. 

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I am sorry to hear of your recent bad experience with a seller on e-bay.

Sometimes no matter the amount of research and calculations that you do to determine a sellers reputation, one can still fall short of what is expected.

In my early (very early) years with e-bay I had some very nice boxes shipped in padded envelopes only to discover damaged items that I could have avoided with simple shipping instructions added to my order. It is always a gamble no doubt but increased communication will avoid many pitfalls that may occur. Now, I always add shipping instructions on my orders, many times offering extra for the effort.

There are many bad-eggs selling marbles on e-bay much to our dismay as collectors, shill bidding is still a reality. There are many more (most by far) sellers that are concerned with the reputation that they have and are willing to make you a happy buyer.

I urge you to reestablish your position as a buyer on e-bay and take advantage of the opportunities that it offers. Reload and re-fire, consider your shortfalls, not the sellers, and move ahead. There are many ways to beat the bad and come home with the goods.

As always in collecting research—research—research. I have avoided many auctioneers in live, in person auctions because of their demeanor and even the good ones will require crowd support to back down on a misplaced bid or sale. This is the life we live—set out to win or hold back but keep your senses intact.

Get back there and make e-bay a buyers marketplace and not a sellers as I did many years ago.

I feel your pain--


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No matter what the seller says, no matter if they have a no return policy or not, there is one thing to remember. Open a case and select "Item is not as described" for the reason. When you check that, you WILL receive a refund. Even if Ebay issues it themselves. That's the trick.

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