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Those that came from Cairo have a dirty cream white base which glows very bright with a black light, even two feet away.  I cannot tell if your marble glows or just a blue reflection from the black light being so close ? I am certain that the so named Ivory Reds were made by Davis Marble Works and or Jackson. Both Jacksons and Davis marbles are found at the Cairo Novelty site. Both were nearby Cairo and closed in one year or less. When Cairo Novelty likely bought some of their remaining stock or got it for free. The Jacksons have the same Vitrolite dirty white base which glows and are more red than the Davis. The Davis have the exact same Vitolite dirty white base which glows but most of the Davis are more orange and more narrow swirl that the Jacksons. 

Your marble looks a little to white base for Davis or Jackson.  The dirty white base should glow bright from a good distance. This certain color Vitrolite cullet was very limited.  Maybe photograph it with one or two other normal white base swirls. This limited dirty white Vitrolite cullet base glass will stand apart different from most white base WV swirls. 





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Thanks Ron, the marble in question is on the left and it quite a bit dirtier than the vitro white on the right.  The UV pic was taken four feet away an at an angle so the green would not be knocked out by the glare.  Hope this is enough info.


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