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The best person I knew is now departed (RIP Leroy Johnson) and I really don't know who, if anybody, does it now. The thing you have to worry about is that if the damage is too deep  grinding it down not only removes the damage, it removes or alters the pattern or other elements such that the marble is no longer worth having. This is particularly true with the old Germans - you can lose the outer decorations if you're not selective about which marbles you try to polish. Or you might wind up with a marble that retains it's interesting elements and has a shine on it, but still has divots where the damage was originally.

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On 3/3/2023 at 4:54 AM, Melissa said:

Is there anyone in the US that does restores marbles?  I have a few Germans I’d like to see fixed up. Thank you. 

You might give Matthew a try, I know he's polished some Germans for a few board members in the past, here's a link to his YouTube site and Email address. There is a vid on his site of some polishing he has done in the past.

LINK ::  https://www.youtube.com/@MarbleGems/videos

Email ::  [email protected]

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I am thinking about trying to make myself one of the "Matthew machines". Doesn't look to hard OR expensive.

BTW.... Matthew's stone marbles are BEAUTIFUL!!! He does a great job with his rock marble making abilities!

The machines I have seen in the past used an abrasive slurry and those machines are a little more complicated.

Good luck Melissa!



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